inbuilding radio coverage

Redbox has the expertise and experience to provide In-Building Radio Coverage to any customer in any location utilizing any technology. A full package of services, from feasibility study through design, installation, commission and testing can be provided through strategic partnerships. Design and Installation of RF systems for GSM, UMTS, 802.11, DECT etc can all be provided.

Redbox and its partners offer RF design engineers with extensive experience designing systems for deployment in small office and shop locations, shopping centers, airports, tunnels and large offices utilizing, repeater systems, dedicated BTS and combined systems. The RF distribution systems can be advised or designed as required as passive systems (Distributed Antenna Systems, Radiating Co-Axial Cable systems etc.) or as active systems (RF over Fiber, RF over Cat5e etc.).

Redbox has the unique ability to utilize installation engineers that specialize in installing RF systems in an in-building environment. This is invaluable in terms of reducing deployment time.

A full suite of system test applications means that any system installed is done so to the highest standard with results giving the customer comfort and satisfaction that the system will perform.